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Acquire Dynamic Signals

QuantusSeries instruments provide integrated but open architecture for the measurement and output of quantities such as sound, vibration, fatigue, temperature and high-speed voltage. Our solutions fulfil any measurement need, from portable data recording, troubleshooting and distributed systems, to high channel count rack-mountable applications.

Since 1984

MECALC has been designing, developing and manufacturing advanced data acquisition and control systems for over 40 years. Driven to position ourselves at the forefront of new development and thinking, our systems are used globally in applications where accuracy and the quality of signal conditioning come first. From small to large channel counts, leading manufacturers in automotive, aerospace, and defense trust MECALC with their most important projects. Our forward-thinking design, strong modular upgrade strategy and in-depth experience in Test and Measurement allow us to deliver the right balance between staying on top of technological advancements and ensuring longevity of investment.

An integrated but
open measurement platform

The QuantusSeries is more than just an acquisition system. It is a complete suite of tools for Structural Acquisition and the most demanding Data Acquisition applications. In addition to the quality of analog signal processing and sensor support, every system in the QuantusSeries family uses state-of-the-art digital processors to further process and manage signal information.

Processing in the front-end hardware improves phase accuracy, effective bandwidth, and scalability of the system for real-time measurements. From 2 channels to 1000s of channels, the QuantusSeries is the most portable, flexible, and scalable system available on the market.


  • Machined from aluminium
  • Conduction cooled
  • Ambient Operational Temperature: - 40 °C to + 55 °C depending on system configuration
  • Highest channel density in the market
  • Compatibility for any Module
  • Same system, portable or rack-mountable
  • One cable for power, synchronization and Ethernet communication or standalone with no cables


  • 204.8 kSa/s with 24-bit resolution (up to 5 MSa/s)
  • Low noise floor
  • Phase accuracy
  • Supports real time data alignment, resampling, slow speed channels and more – all in the frontend with no need for external signal conditioning
  • Signal conditioning, analog to digital converter and computer – all in one


  • 22 I/O Module options for any sensor type
  • Strain, temperature, sound, vibration, shock and more
  • Digital Bus: FlexRay, CANbus, Ethernet, Wi-Fi and more to come
  • Modular concept – build your own lego-style system
  • Tethered or independent systems – laboratory quality measurements without keeping you there
  • Synchronize with any number of QuantusSeries systems using either Precision Type Protocol (PTP) or GPS
  • Power management freedom – choose between cables or no cables
Instrumentation QModules

For any software solution


  • Your data belongs to you - open and accessible data formats
  • Use MATLAB | LabVIEW | Python | C# | C++ and build your own lego-style system using our RESTful interface


  • Embedded and included on all QuantusSeries instruments, QACQUIRE configures, controls and monitors your measurement in a modern and effortless way


  • Software for application-specific analysis. Pair our instrumentation platform with your preferred software.
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