Let’s Collaborate

Our focus at MeCalc is to provide you with 100% data confidence and to partner with you to integrate into your environment. Whether you use QuantusSeries with our embedded software QACQUIRE or prefer the versatility of our RESTful interface QSERVER, our top of the range instrumentation will facilitate a stable foundation.

Ask about our QSERVER, available in any modern programming language. No licence fees. No hidden costs. A simple interface to sophisticated instrumentation, QSERVER easily communicates via a
RESTful interface with the native functionality of MATLAB, LabVIEW and more.

Matlab example powered by QSERVER

In this example, QuantusSeries instrumentation records for a fixed length of time.


Labview example, powered by QSERVER

In this example, QuantusSeries instrumentation is used as a modal acquisition system. Trigger hammer hit, calculate FFT and Transfer function.


Developer’s Toolbox

This space provides an opportunity to share ideas and solutions – feel free to contact us at if you’d like to contribute your own solutions and tips to the platform.

ITA Toolbox

An open source MATLAB toolbox for acoustics developed by the Institute of Technical Acoustics, RWTH Aachen University.



The ABRAVIBE toolbox is a free, open
MATLAB /Octave toolbox for analysis of noise and vibration signals.



X-Modal III is an experimental modal analysis research software package that the University of Cincinnati, Structural Dynamics Research Lab (UC-SDRL) develops in conjunction with a group of sponsoring companies and the UC-SDRL Research Software Consortium.


ScrumSpace for QuantusSeries

Connect with John or join ScrumSpace for QuantusSeries and join our community. Share ideas, get great tips, learn, explore and collaborate.

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