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QServer is a RESTful API which allows a user application to set and validate QuantusSeries system configurations for measurement tasks, via a user-friendly interface that automatically simplifies the complexities of the underlying hardware.

Platform and Language Independent

The QServer interface is a platform-independent API (in JSON format), making it possible for users to develop applications in almost any programming environment. Develop your own application in C#, C++, Python, MATLAB and LabVIEW.

MatLab, Python, LabView, ME'scope, PAK

Running QServer


QServer can be run on QuantusSeries hardware or be installed to run on a PC.

For most applications, running QServer on the system itself is the optimal solution. This configuration provides the most flexibility by supporting almost all devices, including PCs, tablets and phones. Acquisition tasks can also be set up and run autonomously. When run directly on QuantusSeries hardware, QServer is tightly coupled with underlying system resources. This configuration is extremely robust for applications where communication interruptions may be present.

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