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Share and Charge

Designed to change the way you approach your measurement workday, the DOCKQ and
External MICROQ Batteries streamline your network integration and power management.


Dock your MICROQ and your External MICROQ Batteries onto the DOCKQ to charge and share data, giving you complete control of your power and data management.

This versatile maintenance station is especially useful when charging External MICROQ Batteries while you are using your MICROQ, ensuring increased unlimited measurement time. An
all-purpose station, the DOCKQ can also charge the latest smart devices with its two USB-C ports.

2 x charging bays for:
1 x MICROQ Battery and 1 x MICROQ OR
2 x MICROQ Batteries

External MicroQ Battery

For all day battery power simply attach an External MICROQ Battery to your MICROQ, without stopping your measurement.

Each External MICROQ Battery (Li-Ion) adds a capacity of 40 Wh, providing an additional 1.5 - 2 hours of active use. Hot-swap your External MICROQ Batteries for all day operation.

Mobile Measurements


The SF10 SeatFrame optimally secures 2-, 3-, 4- or 6-slot chassis and a notebook onto a car seat for mobile measurements. It consists of machined aluminum members which can be adjusted to optimally fit the seat, chassis and notebook. To prevent sideways movement, the side and rear sleds can be adjusted to best hug the seat.

The rear SeatFrame handle can also be adjusted to push against the seat’s backrest to prevent it flipping over. It is strapped to the seat using the seat’s safety belt. A notebook is placed on an adjustable base mounted above QuantusSeries chassis.

Mobile Mounts

MobileMounts optimally secure 2-, 3-, 4-, 6- or 10-slot chassis, SubModules and cabling with an optional notebook for mobile measurements.


Large Scale Testing


The RM04, RM06 and RM10 RackMounts are compact, machined aluminum Rack Mounting Kits which house 4-, 6- and 10-slot DECAQ chassis in 19 inch racks. The chassis has specifically been recessed in each Mounting Kit to ensure that all cables are contained behind the rack’s front face.

These cables can then be routed to the left and right sides of the chassis. At the rear, a horizontal brace provides a mounting point for cable connector flanges should this be required.

SubModules and Cables

Personalize your data acquisition system with tailor-made testing enhancements for a comprehensive measurement solution.


A SubModule is sometimes required to provide a special interface to an individual sensor. With SubModules, you can personalize a QModule as the final interface to a sensor, or to provide features like cold junction temperature sensing


Add chassis power, sensor and signal cables.


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