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Small but Complete

We saw the need for a system that doesn't force our customers to choose between quality and simplicity, and inspires them to be confident in tackling new measurement scenarios in dynamic data acquisition.

Dr. Gilmer Klintworth
Founder of MECALC, creators of the QuantusSeries and PAK MKII ranges.

Far more than simply another small data acquisition system

For unrivalled data quality in a robust, compact form factor, choose the MICROQ/MICROQ black for laboratory quality measurements every time, anywhere.

From non-modular entry level systems...

...to small portable modular systems

you’ll find your small channel count hand-held solution here.


Stable yet versatile, both the MICROQ and MICROQ black offer features such as the ability to record in real time and store data for playback, the capacity for portable measurement with built-in batteries and SSDs (or removable SD cards) and unrivalled signal conditioning for whatever the day has in store.

By incorporating standards such as PCIe, Power over Ethernet and PTP IEEE 1588-2008, the MICROQ and MICROQ black ensure longevity of investment and guarantee relevance in our customers’ ever changing and highly competitive markets.

For any measurement scenario

From Entry-Level to Advanced

The MICROQ range provides a balance of high-quality data, size and affordable price.

Options range from MICROQs perfectly suited for laboratory applications that require non-modular signal conditioning channels (MICROQ black), to MICROQs that have non-modular and modular channels with features perfect for field measurement such as built-in GPS, built-in SSD, simplified cabling and hot-swappable batteries.

No investment is ever wasted on a MICROQ, as it can synchronize with other systems or incorporate new Modules as your needs develop. No other system today can compete with this.



With the MICROQ solution you have no need to have any cords holding you back. Set up and control your MICROQ remotely, without having to connect directly to your PC or laptop.

Enjoy increased uninterrupted battery powered operation with the MICROQ by hot swapping External MICROQ Batteries and charging them on the DOCKQ.

Experience seamless network integration by docking your MICROQ into the DOCKQ for overnight maintenance and 100% data confidence.



All MICROQs boast a robust design that provides a troubleshooter, recorder and a system equipped for laboratory applications, all in one device.

This includes an ambient temperature range of -40 °C to +55 °C, a sealed chassis for dirty environments, conduction cooling, a design specified for shock and vibration environments, the choice between PoE Ethernet or LEMO® DC Power, as well as optional Wi-Fi connectivity and built-in (or removable) data storage.



Our QuantusSeries instruments use a modern, standards-compliant REST interface, QSERVER. Use QSERVER as our intelligent interface springboard to launch your great idea.

Embedded and included on all QuantusSeries instruments, QACQUIRE configures, controls and monitors your measurement in a modern and effortless way.



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