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One Module, 24 Channels

Tired of using multiple connectors for your high channel count arrays? With one connector for 24 channels, the Acoustic Camera Module provides simplified handling and streamlined cabling. Integrating seamlessly into your array technology, this Module also includes power and communication to the control system.

Housed inside the DECAQ, you can customise your measurement with the Acoustic Camera Module and a variety of signal conditioning slots with Modular channels. Pick your measurement parameters and build a system tailor-made for your application. The 6-slot DECAQ provides up to 120 channels of ACM and/or a combination of ACM and Temperature, CAN / CAN FD, Charge, High-Speed Bridge and Voltage and FlexRay channels in one system.


      3 ACM 24 channels  |  WiFi  |  SSD


      2 ICP®  |  2 Tacho  |  16 Temperature  |  GPS
      3 ACM 24 channels  |  WiFi  |  SSD

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